This is the story of the worst day of my life. The time I got sun stroke.

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Anonymous asked: Try the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale or the Zung Self-Rating Anxiety Scale.

I’ve never heard of those. I think I’ll try them.

her-name-is-alex asked: And then she gets my sister harping on my too. I just absolutely hate her. She makes me feel so bad aboout myself.

That’s not good! :( You’re a wonderful girl and I don’t understand why she’s being so rude. Just try talking to her about it. Let her know it’s not okay to treat people like that.

Anonymous asked: What kind of anxiety are you diagnosed with?

I was never diagnosed. I mentioned that earlier. But all the signs are there and my mother, (who, again, is a nurse) believes I do have anxiety. She’s not sure what kind. She never really looked into it and I’m kinda scared to read into it. So. :$

her-name-is-alex asked: One of my sister's friend's is picking on me. They're a year older, and she thinks it's funny to make me feel pissed off at myself. :( Like she always tells me and my sister that I need to "get off my fatass because I'm not doing any good for anyone.

Aww. :( Don’t listen to her! You are a fantastic girl! By no means are you fat. You are doing wonders for everyone. You don’t deserve to feel like you are anything less than amazing. Nobody does. If she has a problem with how you live your life, then she needs to stop. Tell her that you don’t appreciate how she’s treating you and that it’s not fair for her to treat you so poorly when you haven’t done anything wrong to her. You’re a sweet, charming, and wonderful girl. Don’t forget that. Keep your head up and keep me posted. Don’t forget to smile. :)

Anonymous asked: To the anon who git diagnosed with Anxiety- don't worry! It'll get better over time. I know it's really scary but there are plenty of people to connect with wifi. And don't get offended when people fake it out, sometimes you got to live and let be.

That is wonderful advice, darling. ^-^

Anonymous asked: Don't worry dear, keep your head up. :* Anxiety is hard, but it'll get better. You just gotta take it little steps at a time.

Yeah.. Thank you. You’re such a sweetheart. I really appreciate you helping me out. ^~^

Anonymous asked: Hi love! I just wanted to ask how your summer is going so far! It better be going really fucking great because you deserve it. Anxiety is such a difficult thing to deal with, you need a break. :*

My summer has actually been quite a mess. :/ Between family issues and friend issues it’s kinda been depressing. But thank you, darling. That’s mighty sweet of you. :) You just made my summer a bit better. Thanks, love. <3

I want to _____ you.




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imageI can’t believe this is what it took to get you wonderful people to send me asks. These are all beautiful. You’re all beautiful.

Anonymous asked: ...Hair is brown is important to the plotline, then describe it. But if it isn't, major description isn't entirely nessiary. Spend more time on describing what one character is feeling. All pieces of writing should focus on one character and...

I understand what you mean. Thank you for your critisim. It really helps. I’ll be sure to think about it more next time I write.

Anonymous asked: Your writing is a little to description. It"s really great, but you describe outwards apperances too much. The extra fluff of things isn't all that nessiary, and it makes the story clogged and a little difficult to understand. If the fact that his...

It’s just how I’ve been told to write in school. :/ It’s how I feel comfortable writing and it comes more naturally. Usually in short stories I don’t care too much. It’s basically a couple paragraphs of just creativity. Most of what I write on here is one go with no reading it over or editing.

Anonymous asked: Your really pretty! The red and orange hair colours look really cute!!!

That’s not me, sweetheart. :$ I’m sorry for the confusion. I’ve been meaning to change my picture to me but keep forgetting. :$ Thanks though.

Anonymous asked: I was looking over your anon's ahead of there and I noticed that you said you understand anxiety. I'm a new follower here (lol) so pardon the dumb question but... do you have it? Because I got diagnosed with it and I don't know anyone who has it.

I haven’t had a doctor tell me I have anxiety. But I do believe I have it. My mother (who is a nurse) has told me, given the information, she believes I have anxiety. I just really don’t wanna go to our doctor because he makes me feel like I’m a freak and a piece of shit so I ‘m like no. And hospitals make me very uncomfortable.


Nidoran, Horsea, Cubone and Ninetails for xbabypickle again. :)

These are amazing!

Anonymous asked: nobody is ever truly thinking "oh no i didn't mean to offend you person." at least not as much as you do. shut your fucking face.

Many people feel bad when they have offended somebody. You’re the one who claimed I didn’t really mean my apology when, in reality, I do honestly feel bad. I don’t want to fight with you.