Anonymous asked: What did she do? Cry? Oh boohoo, not that hard to go. Unless she threatened your life she wasn't keeping you there, you were keeping you there.

You really don’t understand. But I’d rather not talk about it. It’s in the past. I’m over it now. I’ve learned and grown.

Anonymous asked: If you didn't want to go back, you shouldn't have gone back. Easy peasy. Problem solved a long time ago.

It’s not that easy. It wasn’t, anyway. But it’s not a big deal. I’ve learned my lesaon and I’ve grown as a person because of it. I have to be positive about it. I don’t have any other choice.

Anonymous asked: You couldn't escape if you tried? Well THAT sounds like an mentally abusive relationship.

It kind of was. And it sucked. But I’m out now and free to live my life without her. *shrugs* I’m getting better and can now deal with other problems.

Anonymous asked: Wait, is this Scarlet (skinnyjeans-bigdreams)? Because I follow a Scarlet by that user that I've seen reblog stuff from you. If that is her, unfollowed. Because she's obviously not a great friend.

I dunno. I don’t follow her. I don’t feel like looking her up, either. She’s changed urls a few times so I dunno. Sorry, love. It’s no big deal. It’s in the past. I’m getting over it.

Anonymous asked: So you put in all the effort? Why the hell would you stay in such a shitty friendship then?

For a while, it was all I had. I thought I could do no better. But then I found better friends and am now free. I just have other problems rather than her all the time.

Anonymous asked: (Continuation)... so that you would be friends again and you would get your best friend back. Was that an exaggeration or? Because now, seeing both sides of the story, I kind of just want the truth.

It’s only half true. I did say I was gonna miss her. We shared some good memories. It wasn’t always hell with her. But she wasn’t an A+ bestfriend. I’m not saying I am. But I at least tried to change and have been working on making myself a better person. Self help is kinda hard. But whatever. It’s not a big deal anymore.

Anonymous asked: Hey, its Brittni. You know, friend of Scarlet and stuff. My iPad is being dumb and not letting me log in but I wanted to clear some things up with the stories I'm hearing on either side. I remember Scarlet telling me that everytime she tried to stop being your friend, her teacher told her that you were crying about how you felt unwanted and wanted your best friend back, and she would make you two talk... (continued)

I did cry a few times when we would “stop being friends”. It’s hard to lose your best friend no matter how shitty the friendship. As for the teacher stepping in, I don’t know. I never asked anyone to do that for me.

Anonymous asked: Not trying to be rude or offensive or anything, but you aren't exaggerating, right? Because I know that there are plenty of times when people get into arguements and stop associating with each other their opinions get clouded. In order for there to have been something there she would've had to been holding on to at least a little if you weren't able to leave? Just trying to help you "see others Pov."

I wish I was. She would do different things until I kinda gave in. I’d rather not get too into this. I don’t want to stsrt anything. I’m over it. I have bigger problems than her right now.

Anonymous asked: School tomorrow. Excited?

Nope. I’m starting the school year heartbroken. I’d rather crawl into bed and never come back out.

Anonymous asked: what do you mean the friendship was one sided? how can you have a one-sided friendship?

A one sided relationship is one where one person puts in a majority or all of the work into the friendship. Many times, if the person putting in the effort in wants to leave, the other person finds some way not to let them. That’s how it was Scarlet and I. I was putting in a lot of effort and there were many times where she would have nothing to do with me. I couldn’t end the friendship if I wanted to. Welp. Oh well. It’s in the past now.

Anonymous asked: at least you escaped that friendship before it got any worse, am i right? lmao.

Yes, you are. It was already terrible but I was tired of crying over it and losing sleep because of her. So oh well.

Anonymous asked: what was that whole thing about? the anon-- i think she called herself scarlett?

Scarlet is and old friend of mine. Our friendship doesn’t really exist anymore. It’s always been a mess between her and I. She’s moved now and I’ve moved on. We used to be best friends but our friendship sucked and was really one sided. It’s stressful but at least we’re not talking anymore.

Anonymous asked: So you don't know know me, and I know this is a touchy subject but I have anxiety and I need some help as too how I should get over some of my anxiety attacks at school. I figured I'd ask you because I know you have it. Also what do your panic attacks feel like?

A two part question. Oh joy. I’d like to start by saying I’m very sorry you have anxiety. It’s shitty to deal with. All mental illness things are. How I deal with my assumed anxiety attacks? Well, there are a few ways. My first step is always to find myself something to distract me. Anything, really. My second step is usually focusing on my breathing. If your breathing is still really choppy and stuff, have someone find you a water bottle. When you drink from it, it helps you regulate your breathing more. It also helps as a distraction a bit. Third, once I’m calm enough, if there is someone you trust with you, talk to them about what happened and such. They can relate to you in some way (I hope), and help you to feel a little less crazy for doing what you did. Remember, anxiety and fear is your body’s way of telling you there’s something around that isn’t good for you amd your health. It doesn’t mean your crazy at all. Go to your happy place and chill for a while. I’ve had a couple of panic attacks in the last school year. You know when you’re on the first drop of a rollercoaster and all the pressure on your chest? It kinda feels something like that but worse. Like someone is trying to squish your chest. I’ve gotten dizzy, probably from breathing really weird though. I’ve almost passed out because I felt so bad. But it’s never been bad enough to go to the hospital. That’s kinda the general deciently vague way of putting it. If I offended anyone with this somehow, I’m sorry. But don’t bitch at me. I’m trying to help without offending you guys so i’m picking and choosing the kind of shit I put out. So, I’m sorry, but don’t bitch. I hope this helped some.

Anonymous asked: are you going to listen anytime soon?

I’m currently camping and school starts for me on tuesday. So, I’m not 100% sure when I’ll get around to it. I’m sorry but I’ve been really busy and will be busy for a little while longer. I’m never really on much and that’s why I haven’t ben very active. Again, I’m really, really sorry.

Anonymous asked: panic! at the disco bass lines are the reason i breathe.

I feel you.