Nidoran, Horsea, Cubone and Ninetails for xbabypickle again. :)

These are amazing!

Anonymous asked: nobody is ever truly thinking "oh no i didn't mean to offend you person." at least not as much as you do. shut your fucking face.

Many people feel bad when they have offended somebody. You’re the one who claimed I didn’t really mean my apology when, in reality, I do honestly feel bad. I don’t want to fight with you.

Anonymous asked: and then you act like your all sweet and nice like "oh no i didn't mean to offend you" shut the fuck up please. no one wants to listen to all this fake two faced bullshit.

I really don’t understand why you’re all worked up over this. I really didn’t mean to offend anybody. I said I was sorry if I did. I don’t see why there’s such a big problem. I’m not being two faced…

Anonymous asked: you talk about things like you know what the hell they are. you obviously dont and its annoying. just stop. like introversion and anxiety and shut your mouth and stop talking like your a psychiatrist. its offending.

I don’t mean to offend anyone. But anxiety I do understand and most things I have a basic knowledge of. I’m not pretending to be a know-it-all. I simply don’t know everything. But I do understand what people go through because in many cases I have been there. I’m sorry if I have offended you or anyone else. I didn’t mean to.

Anonymous asked: to the anon hating for saying you could be introverted-- stfu. you don't know her. for all you know she could be hiding in her room with a cat simply reading or she could go out and be partying hard with friends. it shouldn't matter, why is it soooo great to be an introvert so much that you have to protect it? jeeeeeeeeez.

I don’t know. It is neither fantastic or terrible to be an introvert. It is just what makes a person who they are and it is what a person is more comfortable. I take no offence if somebody wishes to call me an introvert. I feel as though I have a healthy balance of both sides and as long as I feel happy and confortable it doesn’t matter. People can say whatever they really want, I’m not bothered. I’m living rent free in their head and I don’t mind.

Anonymous asked: hey babycakes just wanted to let you know that i absolutely adore your blog *: you are such a cutie that i want to cuddle with you. even your selfies are perf. i hope you have a wonderful day. ;)

Thank you so much, darling. I’m glad you like my blog. You are such a sweetheart.

Anonymous asked: your obnoxious.

Please explain how? I don’t really mean to be. I’m sorry if I come off as such.

Anonymous asked: still. usually introverts go places alone, rather with people. and you said that it's "boring." I'm just saying, that the way you said that made it seem like introverts don't like going outside. they do.

I’m sorry for the confusion. But that isn’t what I meant. I know they like going outside. They just prefer being by thenselves for the most part. I understand what being an introvert is.


a charmander for xbabypickle to help make her sumer better. :)

This just made my life. :’) omg.


a charmander for xbabypickle to help make her sumer better. :)

This just made my life. :’) omg.

Anonymous asked: Introvert's don't nessisariky hate going outside you know. They don't melt in the sun. They just prefere going outside alone. If you think going for a walk outside by yourself is boring, you aren't an introvert.

I never saod that they hate going outside. I don’t like going outside alone. It makes me uncomfortable. I don’t mind being alone inside somewhere. I just don’t like being outside alone.

her-name-is-alex asked: btw, i saw you like Pokemon. just out of curiosity, what are your favorite Pokemon?

I do like pokémon. :D My favourite type is fire and my favourite pokémon is Charmander. He’s just a cutie.

Anonymous asked: you sure sound like an introvert, lol. most people would spend their time outside if they wanted to get away from their fam.

I don’t have anywhere else to go. Going for a walk by myself isn’t much fun. So I just kinda hide away in my room. I actually like going outside. I guess I am a bit introverted. Eh.

her-name-is-alex asked: hey, it's summer vacation isn't it? you dont have to deal with any of them anymore. how's your summer, anyway? you should really publish your writing on wattpad or quotev. it's really good and you could get noticed.

Yes, it is summer vacation. My summer has actually been quite the mess of family problems. I’ve been staying away room it as much as possible and marathoning TV shows. I dunno… I’m nervous posting them on here. :$ I’m not really that good.

Anonymous asked: you should really get we heart it. you really should.

Maybe. I don’t really see the point in it. But I’ll think about it.

Anonymous asked: 2 char, cave, boyxboy (lets see how well u do w/ this, many ppl struggle, doesnt have to b romantic) and daniel and mars for names

  A young man sat on the floor at the back of a dark cave. His older brother paced across the opening of the cave. “You had one job. ONE DAMN JOB. You just could not do it could you. You just had the job to grow up and be decently normal.” Daniel slammed his fist against the entrance wall. “You just had to be brave and leave home. You just had to leave. This is so typical of you. You know, you could have just gotten a tattoo to show mom and dad you’re grown up. BUT NO. GODDAMMIT MARS.” He slides down the wall. The early-morning sun painted half of Daniel’s face with a light yellow glow.

  Mars sat quietly on the floor. He could’ve stayed home, and maybe he should’ve. But that’s not what he wanted. He was tired of everyone telling him who he must be and how he must act to set him up for a future nobody asked him about. He just wanted to show that he was grown up and could take care of himself. It should mean something that his intentions were good. To his brother, that meant nothing.

  Mars was a quiet boy. He tended to blend into the furniture more than anything. The only thing that made him stand out was his intelligence. His marks were outstanding in high school. He was an emotional kinda guy but never let anyone in to see that side of him. His brother was the only one he could trust with those feelings. Daniel was two years older and couldn’t be more different from Mars. He was social, and had a personality that everyone was drawn to. But Daniel and Mars connected on levels that were unknown to most people.

  Mars sat in the corner quietly, with his head down. He never meant for his brother to come after him. He didn’t want to hurt anyone. He thought he would leave for a week or two and come back. It had been over two months since Mars left. Only a week after he was followed by his brother. The two found each other by chance. Daniel gazed over at his quiet brother. “Hey, bud. I’m sorry.” He crossed the room to sit beside Mars. “I didn’t mean to yell at you. I know you meant well. It’s just hard being out here. Getting lost wasn’t exactly in the plan. But we’ll make it through this as a team.” With silence as a response, He put his arm around his younger sibling’s shoulder and pulled him closer. “I love you, okay? You’re my little brother. Nothing will take that away. I just want you to be okay,” He paused for a moment. “We can go fishing tomorrow, if you want. Maybe that’ll cheer you up?” A tiny smile in response meant yes. They were to never leave each other’s side. To protect each other no matter the cost. They were more than brothers and even more than friends now. Their relationship ran deeper after their stay together. They brought out the best in each other. They just prayed that was good enough for them to survive.