Anonymous asked: So I go to a catholic school (ew) and some of the girls in their uniforms look ao slutty. Any suggestions on how to subtly drop they they look like whores?

Personally, I’d just tell them. Don’t call them out on it in the middle of class infront of the world. But if you can get them alone, do that and tell them.

Anonymous asked: so i got my dog shaved, and she's a shitzu, so she looks really funny now as her head's hair and tail's hair is a lot longer. the other day she scared this woman with a stroller into thinking she was a rat but the baby thought it was great and i just thought it was hilarious.

Lmao. That’s so cute. Got a laugh out of me too. This is great.

Keep these coming guys!

Anonymous asked: so there's this really cute boy in my math class, and he's like, really nerdy but adorable. he's constantly bringing up these science metaphors that nobody gets and he gets funny looks and I think he's adorable. I have a uniform and he wears a tie even thought it isn't necessary and he's just soooo cute i want to snuggle him.

He sounds like a total babe. Keep your flirt on with him, honey. I’m sure you and him would make a great couple. I wanna hear more about him. He seems great.

Keep these coming guys.

Anonymous asked: so funny story-- me and my friend were out walking the other day, and we decided to go into a McDonalds (he's 17, I'm 16) and we went to order. He thought it'd be hilarious to order a happy meal and when he did she asked him "and for your little sister?" She refused to believe a 230lbs football player would be ordering a 5 p. chicken nugget meal. :')

Lol. Thank you. That was cute. Please keep these coming.

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I really just need a smile and/or a laugh right now. Send me funny stories, tell me cheesy jokes. I really don’t care. I just need some cheering up. Please?

Anonymous asked: how is your first week of school going? :D

Total shit. -.-

Anonymous asked: School tomorrow. Excited?

Nope. I’m starting the school year heartbroken. I’d rather crawl into bed and never come back out.

Anonymous asked: So you don't know know me, and I know this is a touchy subject but I have anxiety and I need some help as too how I should get over some of my anxiety attacks at school. I figured I'd ask you because I know you have it. Also what do your panic attacks feel like?

A two part question. Oh joy. I’d like to start by saying I’m very sorry you have anxiety. It’s shitty to deal with. All mental illness things are. How I deal with my assumed anxiety attacks? Well, there are a few ways. My first step is always to find myself something to distract me. Anything, really. My second step is usually focusing on my breathing. If your breathing is still really choppy and stuff, have someone find you a water bottle. When you drink from it, it helps you regulate your breathing more. It also helps as a distraction a bit. Third, once I’m calm enough, if there is someone you trust with you, talk to them about what happened and such. They can relate to you in some way (I hope), and help you to feel a little less crazy for doing what you did. Remember, anxiety and fear is your body’s way of telling you there’s something around that isn’t good for you amd your health. It doesn’t mean your crazy at all. Go to your happy place and chill for a while. I’ve had a couple of panic attacks in the last school year. You know when you’re on the first drop of a rollercoaster and all the pressure on your chest? It kinda feels something like that but worse. Like someone is trying to squish your chest. I’ve gotten dizzy, probably from breathing really weird though. I’ve almost passed out because I felt so bad. But it’s never been bad enough to go to the hospital. That’s kinda the general deciently vague way of putting it. If I offended anyone with this somehow, I’m sorry. But don’t bitch at me. I’m trying to help without offending you guys so i’m picking and choosing the kind of shit I put out. So, I’m sorry, but don’t bitch. I hope this helped some.

Anonymous asked: are you going to listen anytime soon?

I’m currently camping and school starts for me on tuesday. So, I’m not 100% sure when I’ll get around to it. I’m sorry but I’ve been really busy and will be busy for a little while longer. I’m never really on much and that’s why I haven’t ben very active. Again, I’m really, really sorry.

Anonymous asked: panic! at the disco bass lines are the reason i breathe.

I feel you.

Anonymous asked: Oh, I didn't know that was the way it went down. I thought it was at a time when you were upset with me and aiming to subconciously start something. Sorry, I shouldn't assume. I'm sorry for confronting you in such a harsh way, and all apologies are accepted. It's in the past now, I'm going to move on from it. Thank you for clarifying it to me, I'm working on not jumping to conclusions.

Thank you for accepting my apology. I appreciate it. I’m glad you’re working on making yourself better. Good luck to you on that. I hope you do well in that adventure and in your schooling coming up soon. I apologize for the confusion. Goodbye, old friend.

Anonymous asked: Megan said you told her. :) and she had no idea before. :)

I don’t recall telling her. I might’ve. Probably because I assumed she knew. Since you and her were so close, I must’ve assumed she was already told. But I don’t recall it. I’ll take your word for it and I am quite sorry if that offends you or hurts you in any way. I’m sure I didn’t mean for it to hurt you when it happened. I don’t mean for it to hurt you now. So I am sincerely sorry for what I did. I don’t expect forgiveness. Just acknowledge that I have made an apology. Again, very sorry to offend you and hurt you. I didn’t mean to.

Anonymous asked: It's scarlet. :) who else do you love to gossip about and who has a girlfriend? :)

Uh. I never told anyone anything like that. So, I dunno what you’re talking about. Who told you I said those things? The only people I talked about your girlfriend with was people who already knew about her. So.

Anonymous asked: Be a nicer person is on your list? When have you ever been mean?

I used to be brutal, actually. I used to be a terrible person. I’ve been doing a lot of self help over the summer to make myself a better person. I’m currently trying to work on my anger. It’s tough, but at least I’m trying. I’m trying to grow into a better person. It’s been a lot of work and I still have a ton left to do. But I’m at least getting there and making progress.

Anonymous asked: Will you update the list tomorrow?

I dunno. I’ll get around to it soon.